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June 14, 2016
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3 Cancer Drug Developers to Watch in the Second-half of the Year

Cancer therapies are being released in swarms, and global spending on cancer medicines reached $107 billion last year. Estimates have this figure increasing to $150 billion by 2020, leading to many drug developers profiting in the process.

A slew of companies, 511 to be exact, have medicines in mid-to-late clinical trials.

The companies to watch as the industry continues on its upward trend are:

1.     Exelixis (EXEL)

Exelixis trades at a low price of just $7.38 a share, with shares rising over 92% in the past 3 months. The company is riding on the back of several new drugs and treatments, with a kidney cancer treatment showing positive trial results.

Cabometyx showed that it can benefit patients with bone metastases and will be an additional option for cancer patients. The drug is FDA-approved.

2.     Ziopharm Oncology (ZIOP)

Ziopharm offers a suite of breakthrough technologies that positions the company as one of the top players in the industry in terms of future prospects. The company’s approach is to offer versatile treatment options that are affordable.

The company has released positive reports of its leading treatment, showing positive signs in the first stage of trials.

Ziopharm is a slight concern due to the company having only enough cash to operate through 2017. If the company’s drugs prove to be as promising as trials, we expect Ziopharm to skyrocket as a result.

3.     Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ)

Jazz is the final company on the list, and unlike its competition, it’s already a profitable company, which is a good sign for investors. Xyrem, the company’s drug for narcolepsy, has been a blockbuster hit and allows the company to move forward with its cancer drugs.

Erwinaze, a drug for lymphoblastic leukemia, has sales of $200 million a year, according to the company.

Vyxeos, the company’s latest drug to treat acute myeloid leukemia, increased survival rates of patients by 9.5 months in trials and is set to be a blockbuster, according to the company.

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