Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Wants Agility, Kills R&D Div, Apps

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is re-inventing some parts of itself in a bid to remain agile as a technology company. In a sudden move the company has announced that it will close down its research and development division, Creative Labs, and some of the apps the division incubated. The division was started in 2013 and developed some of the cutting-edge apps that Facebook Inc had to offer since.

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The apps which emerged from the Creative Labs portals include Slingshot, a photo-sharing app and the second app an anonymous chat Room facility which did not require users to give their real names as on the main platform of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB). The third app is the collaborative video app Riff.

Different Experiment


The social networking site in an attempt to offer different user experiences on the site, chose to debut the three apps. However, the downside of these apps is that they did not gain much traction despite the large user base on the networking site. Analysts believe that most apps on stores do not tend to become successful, unless there is some level of focused advertising and attention-calling to the app.

In the case of these apps, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) had chosen to remain silent and did not opt to promote these apps with the exception of the Moments app. The photo-sharing app did see some market traction lately, after the site chose to promote it along with Facebook Messenger right on the News Feed segment.

Will Continue Experimenting


While it has chosen to close down the research and development division, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has vouched that it will continue to experiment and offer different apps. Despite Creative Labs eventual shut down, other apps which have market traction like Facebook Paper as well as Instagram apps such as Layout or HyperLapse will continue to be supported.