Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Fixes Issues In Lumia 950 And 950 XL Phones

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has fixed issues in respect of Photos on its Lumia 950, as well as, 950 XL phones with an updated firmware. That should result in enhancements to the camera and display besides video. The update will also correct the noisy images apart from the 4K video playback. The company’s support engineer flagged about it on the company’s forums indicating the key components fixes.


General Stability And Improved Performance

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s support engineer indicated that there were some issues in respect of its 20-megapixel camera. Incidentally, the camera was said to have some standout features. Now that the company has fixed the issues, it indicated that firmware would bring in general stability, as well as, the enhanced performance for the users to experience. Aside from the 4K video, the firmware also enhances the settings of the automatic display brightness besides the SD memory card support.

The software firm indicated that the updated firmware would be available for several users while the rollouts would pick up the pace steadily. However, the company clarified that the update availability might depend on the users’ network service provider. In Europe, users have already confirmed receiving the updated firmware of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).

US Devices Still To Get Update

However, Windows Central, which was the first one to report the availability of the firmware update, said that the devices in the United States are yet to get the update. The software firm clarified that there was no change on the OS front. Its OS version continued to remain at 10.0.10586.29. That OS has been exclusive to the mobile handsets of Lumia 950, as well as, 950 XL. The company released the version only in the current month.

Last week, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) authenticated the reports that there would be a delay in Windows 10 Mobile for Windows 8.1 devices. It now expects to launch it early next year though the company failed to clarify the current handsets that would get the fresh Windows 10 Mobile.

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