Who We Are and What We Do

We are a new market review site that aims to assess forex and CFD strategies, overall forex trading and other related fields. We analyze trading sites and their quality of execution, pricing and overall transparency. We strive to provide the most comprehensive online reviews you can find. For that reason, we include every possible detail and offer unique insight into the trading company’s services. Moreover, we provide a vast array of trading news to keep you constantly updated with the latest market developments. Come grow with us!

BrokerMin DepositPlatformRead MoreVisit SiteRating
250 USDMT4
250 USDWeb-based
500 USDMT4
250 USDCFDs trading platform
100 USDMT4
100 USDCFDs trading platform
100 USDMT4
£200CFDs trading platform
100 USDMT4

Our detailed reviews cover:

Commissions and fees

A detailed description of every trader’s initial deposit, account fees and other charges that might be assessed once you set up your account. We spell everything out in advance so you won't get hit by any surprises down the road or get sidetracked by empty promises. Choose the trader that’s best for you by knowing everything you need to know from the get-go, and especially how much they charge for their services!

Brief company history

How much do you know about a prospective brokerage? Sure, its website glitters and they say all the right things, but do you really know anything about them? No need to invest hours of your time to scour the internet for details. We do your homework for you. We let you know when a brokerage was founded, whether or not it is regulated, where it is headquartered, and where it operates. All this and much more is posted  in our history section to enable you to know everything there is to know about a trader before you sign up with them.

Pros and cons

No broker is going to tell you that you should stay away. They're all interested in welcoming you as a client, as they should be -- after all, they're businesses. But they all have their pros and cons. That's why we provide you with an extensive list of reasons why you should trade with a certain broker, what they offer, what they may lack, and how that might impact your entire trading process. We pull all the stops to deliver accurate information to keep you and make sure it is constantly updated so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

Platform and tools

A brokerage's platform is its backbone. That's why they invest significant resources in planning it, running it and constantly improving it. That's good. But the brokerage's platform is also the vehicle you depend on to trade. How do you know you've chosen wisely? We detail everything you need to know about it: overall performance, key indicators, compatibility with devices, performance rates, etc. You won't ever have to worry about your choices again: all the information you need is within your reach.


Stay ahead of the curve from Day 1 and be among the first to hear about the latest promotions announced by your broker of choice. Get detailed information about bonus conditions and see exactly what conditions you need to comply with in order to take full advantage of what they have to offer. Don't lose out when you stand to gain!

Customer service

Sure, you'll want to communicate with your broker. Do you think you'll need assistance 24/7, 24/5 or less? Mornings? Afternoons? Or are you a night trader who makes decisions after everyone else has gone to sleep? Or is the only quality time you have to dedicate to trading on weekends? Would you prefer to communicate via email, chat, telephone or all of the above? Just how receptive are they? All of these questions and many more will be answered here so that you can communicate on your own terms as part of your 100% stress-free trading experience!

Educational perspectives

All of this and so much more is included in the accurate data we provide. Our mission is to offer impartial reviews for any forex broker. This is intended to assist you in locating the brokers that are best suited for your needs, whether their activity is based on forex strategies, online forex classes or CFD strategies. Regardless of their field of activity, we carefully analyze every facet of their work in order to identify and highlight the finest in the industry.

Unfortunately, the internet is awash in all sorts of insidious investment scams. Before you begin trading, you should make sure that you have weeded them out, and the broker you have chosen is above reproach. We help you do that. Nothing is more important to us than protecting you from online fraud. On our site, therefore, you can learn all there is to know about investment scams and how to avoid them. Because we have you covered, we also feature overall trading conditions for every site you’re interested in and what assets they have to offer. Are they regulated, how good is their platform, are there any hidden charges? This is where all of your questions are answered!

Have we mentioned the blog?

There are a lot of financial blogs out there, but how can you make sense of them? A lot of them feature opinion, others report unsubstantiated rumors or make predictions that never seem to come true. It's not for nothing that economics is known as "the dismal science." That's why we do it differently. For inside information on the latest developments in the trading industry, we suggest you regularly check out our blog instead. That's where you will find our interactive intelligence gathering about the hottest subjects in the business, all relevant to the type of trading you plan on initiating. Check it out -- you'll quickly come to rely on it. Our blog is not only informative…it’s fun!

News Flash

In today's fast-paced world, virtually any news from anywhere can have a sudden impact on the market. Given that the global forex market is open 24/7, the news that gets reported somewhere else while you sleep can be just as important as the news you hear on your local radio station when you are awake. That's the nature of trading in the global market. So how can you keep on top of it all? How can you analyze it all? That's where we come in. We monitor the news, winnow it down to what's really important for you and post daily news clippings online so you can stay on top of industry developments and refine your trading. Find out how to protect yourself from fraud, which returns on investments are regarded as suspicious and how major events impact the financial market. Gathering information takes time, and because we do that for you we save you the time. Because information and time equal money make sure you check out the news before every trade you make!

Looking for the best?

There’s no such thing. Since your ultimate goal is to make a profit, the right broker for you is the one that best suits your needs. This is the place where you can go through all of the details and actually choose which broker is best for you. Pick a platform, trading condition, even a preferred customer service scheme. The value we provide you on our site is that we provide you with all the information you need to make the most informed decision you can. The days when you went blindly into a trading venture are over. You can now make the most of every broker’s conditions, choose the one that work best for you and avoid those who seem suspicious. Trading has never been easier and has never been more rewarding!